― Crash Course: Urban Assault

Inspired by Blast Corps, this game was made for a 2-week Game Jams during the 6-month Unity Development Bootcamp I took, where I collaborated with Dillon Trodd and Jon Ungaro to create this game. My primary role was designing the player-controlled car, with the car's aesthetics, drifting, and lights which garnered the most attention. Making the car enjoyable, responsive, and challenging to drive proved to be the project's more demanding and enriching aspect.


Dillon Trodd - Fuel Gage, Settings, and GUI.
Jon Ungaro - game concept, buildings, level design, and Easter eggs.
Circuit Stream for setting up the group and running the Game Jam.


Most of the 3D models for the finished product were provided by Circuit Stream.

For my Unity Bootcamp midterm, I created a puzzle game inspired by Bethesda's Portal. As seen in the left-side images, I developed the game mechanics in a test area, combining Circuit Stream's teachings with my personal additions. The middle and right images showcase the finished product, incorporating Circuit Stream assets.
The link to the playable Web Build:

― Asteroids - OOP practice

For this Unity project inspired by Asteroids, I explored object-oriented programming techniques. I significantly diverged from the original assignment by introducing local multiplayer, controller support, enhanced bullets and enemies, and blended the 2D gameplay within a 3D environment. The use of a 3D environment for pausing and resuming the game, utilized through zoom animations, is what I am most proud of in this project. This experience of utilizing Unity's 3D tools in a 2D project proved valuable and rewarding.

― Farm Buddy

A unfinished version of the project provided by Circuit Stream.

This Circuit Stream assignment involved adding features to an existing project, a departure from my usual experience of starting from scratch. With my prior collaborative coding experiences, I swiftly grasped the existing code and seamlessly incorporated new mechanics, such as harvesting, selling, and sorting.

― Bowling

Bowling lane asset provided by Circuit Stream.

This project marked one of the initial exercises during my Unity Development Bootcamp, aimed at honing fundamental skills in modeling, texturing, input handling, and camera control.

― Jump Guy

Sprites provided by Circuit Stream.

This project served as an excellent introduction to character controller creation, 2D animation implementation, and designing a basic menu with a functional scoring system. The animations were successful, character controls were smooth, and the menu, while not visually impressive, operated effectively alongside the scoring system.

― Muffin Clicker

Sprites provided by Circuit Stream.

I earned a C# fundamentals certificate from Circuit Stream for this completed clicker game project. While it's a straightforward game, it served as a valuable refresher on fundamentals and allowed me to create a polished product using Circuit Stream's provided assets.

― Galaxy Pong

Hack The Hammer II for a great Hackathon.
Sung Hun Myung an amazing partner.

A Hackathon project with my friend Sung Hun Myung, it was enjoyable, but the time constraint restricted our progress. This experience highlighted the importance of time management, as we spent considerable time deliberating design choices.

― Tap the Trees

Electric City Hacks IV for hosting the Hackathon.
Sung Hun Myung, Wayne Sun, and Theo Cho for a fun group to work with.

As this was my very first Hackathon, I entered without a plan, but deciding to craft a game with friends under the time pressure proved a valuable and fun experience. Despite it being a basic clicker game, I believe our group achieved significant milestones for our first Hackathon, including creating numerous swift assets, grasping introductory Unity concepts, and successfully deploying a demo to our smartphones.

― Gun Brawl
― Credits

My highschool computer science teacher Brunetti, Dean for help planning, prioritizing important parts of the game, and permission to use Unity instead of Java as we had been using in our classes.

A Grade 12 Computer Science culminating assignment, inspired by online brawling games. I began with a well-documented proposal and a detailed plan. The outcome: a single level, multiple guns, and complete 4-player local multiplayer. This experience taught me the importance of feature prioritization, as I initially aimed for more levels, weapons, and a level creation menu. Within a short month, I focused on making it a playable, finished product.


― Meepo is you
― Credits

All sprites and much of the project was ready as part of the class CSC148 at University of Toronto Mississauga.

A University of Toronto Mississauga CSC148 assignment, drawing inspiration from Baba Is You. I was tasked with developing the core game mechanics like walking, rule-setting, and action undoing in Python. This was a valuable introduction to PyGame development.


― Wacky Words

Ali Hassnain for coming up with the idea and altogether working on the project as partners.

A Grade 11 computer science culminating project in collaboration with Ali Hassnain, involving the creation of a Java-based typing game in Netbeans. It marked my first venture into non-text-based computer science projects, providing valuable insights into utilizing graphics, albeit with simple pixel art I made swiftly. Additionally, it was my very first coding project with a partner, offering a rewarding experience in teamwork.


― Westdale Secondary School - 360 Tour
― Credits

Media Arts teacher Wendy Melnick for the assignment, 360 camera, and lots of great classes.

A project I took up in my Highschool Media arts class. It was my first time using a 360 camera and I wasn't too happy with the results but it was a fun experience.

― My background

While my work experience doesn't directly relate to interactive development, I've gained valuable workplace skills from my roles at grocery stores and volunteering experiences. You can find more details in my linked resume.

― Skills

Quick learner
Good at problem-solving
Good with computers
Fluent in English and Polish
Critical thinking

About Me

― Work experience
Fortinos Grocery Store Employee

Hamilton Main St / 2018 July-October, 2023 February-Aug

I was a dairy department clerk in 2018 and then a grocery picker for online shoppers in 2023. Gaining experience of a work environment.

― Education
University of Toronto

Mississauga Campus / 2020-present

Currently getting my Bachelors Degree at University of Toronto.

― Courses
Unity Development Bootcamp

Circuit Stream / Feb-Sept 2023

We worked on many projects over a 6 month period.


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